Funded by the Child Development & Learning Center, Inc., the First Baptist Church of Riverhead and a grant from the Suffolk County Youth Bureau, the five-weeklong summer arts program held from July 25, 2005 through August 26, 2005, encouraged students to channel their feelings into their own creative expressions. Through the use of varied art media, the children, ages eleven through fourteen, were able to freely express themselves and develop their own personal "style."

In addition to classroom instruction, students were privileged to experience "hands-on" advice from practicing professional artists, including a water colorist, a famous portrait artist, a local sculptor, a stained glass maker and a freelance photographer. The students were also able to broaden their exposure to art and its application in the world around them by participating in several field trips, which included museums, galleries, private collections, artist studios, and a trip to the world-renowned graffiti mural at "5pointz" in Queens, New York. The group also attended a performance of how the creative genius of the artist can be translated into imaginative costumes and set designs and how artists can create different moods just by changing the color of the stage lights.

Our art exhibit is the culmination of the students' efforts, along with a full-color photo calendar which is available for the nominal cost to help raise funds for future programs. For these projects, students participate in selecting examples of their work. They also were required to write summaries about themselves as artists and about each work to be exhibited. Through these extensive opportunities, each student was able to express their own "voice" and learn more positive ways of expressing their strong feelings and passions about life. 



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