The mission of the Child Development and Learning Center, Inc. is to promote the creation of stable family life, self-reliance and resiliency by providing, in a safe and caring environment, training which empowers children and youth to thrive, exert themselves, express themselves, grow, mature and positively impact the quality of life in their communities.

Funded by the First Baptist Church of Riverhead and a grant from the Suffolk County Youth Bureau, the Center’s main focus has been its Summer Arts program. During the five week program, children ages 11 to 14 are encouraged to channel their energies into their own creative expression through classroom instruction, hands-on expereinces and field trips.

In order to meet the growing needs of local communities, including Long Island’s North and South Forks, as well as points west of Riverhead, the Community Development Learning Center will become a focal point of the FCLC.





Child Development and Learning Center

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